Lowchen Dog Colouring Sheet

Lowchen Dog Colouring Sheet
What’s Inside?
Colouring Suggestions

Lowchen Dog Colouring SHeet

This super cute Lowchen dog colouring sheet is ideal for any fan of small dogs. Skipping along with a cheeky look on it’s face it just needs a splash of colour, traditional blacks, whites, greys and browns can be used to create a beautiful artwork.

1 x Lowchen dog colouring sheet

Useful for
  • Arts and crafts
  • Colouring
  • Learning about animals and dogs

Fun Facts

  • Lowchen dogs are highly intelligent
  • They love to socialise and spend time time with people
  • They also love to bark!
Lowchen are known as:
A)’The Big Dog’
B)’The Grumpy Dog’
C)’The Little Lion Dog’

C) ‘The Little Lion Dog’

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